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Mussel Creek is excited to announce that it’s second phase is in full swing and will tap into the quality of life and peace of mind that has set Mossel Bay on the course of becoming a prime destination for individuals and families to make a new home in the heart of paradise. Phase Two will be developed by Liatel (Pty) Ltd that will use its vast experience and attention to detail to make Phase Two a destination of choice for the decerning buyer.

Liatel, Property Developments


Theuns Kruger is a practicing attorney with vast experience in commercial and construction law. He has practiced for his own trust account for the past 14 years. Liatel was formed in 2009 with the purpose to be a vehicle to assist and consult on various property and commercial developments. This includes the various legal aspects associated with management, but also includes assistance with the administration and financial associated with construction and developments.

During this time a venture property with future potential was identified and bought in Mossel Bay in 2010.

It was Covid -19 that forced various businesses and entities to change the way they do business. The same applied to Liatel. Theuns together with his wife, Zelda, decided to team up with leaders in the field of construction and enter the realm of property development.

The extensive experience shared between Liatel and Acton Street Construction is the reason for the creation of Mussel Creek and is the driving force behind the revamped look and feel of this estate and will be the corner stone of various new and exciting projects to follow.

Acton Street Construction, Mossel Bay

Acton Street Construction

Nick Morgan-Wilson, together with his wife Wynanda, being firmly established in contracting and project management, have successfully been involved in construction and engineering for 30 years.

We have experienced management and site teams that are able to oversee all aspects of both the administrative and technical requirements essential to the successful completion of each project.

Our ongoing in-house training programs focuses on local upliftment and skills development within the local communities. Due to our vast knowledge of the construction industry, we can offer Conventional, Steel Frame, Pre-cast and Timber Construction.

We offer

  • Complete tender analysis and completion
  • Detailed costing and price analysis
  • Management of labour, material and financial resources
  • Planning and record keeping
  • Hands on site management
  • Strict quality control
  • Critical path analysis and programming
  • Sub-contractor and supplier co-ordination

We strive to meet our clients’ requests at all times, our motto “GET IT DONE RIGHT” speaks for itself.